Combining Design Styles When Blending Homes

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Blending Interior Design Styles

When people decide to live together, they need to determine whether they’ll jointly embrace a whole new style or blend their current ones together. Often, it doesn’t make financial sense to start from the drawing board, which leaves people trying to figure out how to make styles merge, especially if they’re wildly different. At Blinds & Designs serving Marin County, we have some tips on how to make that blending smoother. Read on!

Use Color

If you’re styles are very divergent, you might need to rely on color as the glue that joins them together. Find a color you can agree on—it’s best if it’s a color that already happens to be in your pieces, but that’s not absolutely necessary—and figure out ways to bring it to the space. Paint a wall or two in that color. Use only the pieces that have that color in one space together. You can even use your window treatments to tie everything together. Duette® Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas are available in 39 different fabrics with a total of 424 colorways. You can match or coordinate your colors while enjoying the benefits of the window fashion and what it can bring to the overall look.

Mix Things Up

A general rule of thumb when combining styles is the 80/20 rule. Your main style—for example, traditional—would make up 80% of your home décor. This would include your large pieces of furniture that are either hard to give up or hard to replace. The 20% is the new design style you want to introduce, including that pop of color, texture, pattern, and more. So if your base style is going to be more traditional and your second more modern, downplay the stuffy, old-fashioned look by adding a modern twist—like brightly colored throw pillows and new modern window treatments. Pirouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas are perfect in bridging the gap between traditional and modern styles. Plus, it allows you benefit from an aesthetically pleasing treatment that brings lots of great benefits.

Home Is Where You Come Together

When it comes down to it, the main objective is making a space that’s comfortable for you and family as well as any guests you want to invite. Any combination of styles can work. From rustic to contemporary to modern and bohemian. Come on down to our showroom for more design tips and to view the full line of Hunter Douglas Window Treatments.

Blending Design Styles in Marin County & the Entire Bay Area

Blinds & Designs offers a full line of quality window treatments to homeowners and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County areas, including Burlingame, Hillsborough, Stinson Beach, San Mateo, and Los Altos, CA. With an ongoing commitment to high quality products and exceptional service, we’ve been serving our communities for over 26 years.

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