Re-Envisioning a Room With Custom Window Shades

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Room makeovers can seem exciting, but they can also be daunting. At Blinds & Designs serving Marin County, we are here to tell you it’s probably easier than you think, and we’ll be happy to pass along some tips about how you might think about your space. Check them out below! 

Should You Do a Theme? 

If you want to use a theme for your space, go for it—it can help you focus the look. Avoid going too far with it, though. For example, some people go so over the top with a beach theme that it becomes no longer unique. So add distinctive twists for a one-of-a-kind result. And don’t be afraid to go outside the “norm.” Making over your room lets you create a fresh look that’s tailored to your tastes. Feel free to be bold and choose things that are comfortable to you.

A Good Starting Point 

Because the walls are generally the biggest part of a room, you might want to focus on them first.  Choose a base wall color that will set the tone—neutrals like cream, beige, and gray can help make a good background for other decorative elements, or you can choose brighter colors to draw the eye. Be sure that your artwork stays at eye level (even if you have high ceilings) so it’s comfortable to look at. When you add artwork, tailor the placement to where the human eye will be the most comfortable. To help ensure that you arrange the artwork in a pleasing way, snap a picture of the wall and use an app or drawing feature to map out how to fill the area.

The Room’s Functional Elements

Your furniture can make or break your whole look, impacting the flow and overall feel of the room. Try to keep the room from feeling crowded; let each piece breathe. Select functional elements, like items where guests can set drinks if you plan to use the room for entertaining. If you add an area rug (which alone will go a long way to making over the space), consider how to arrange your furniture on it. Depending on the rug’s size, you can place the furniture entirely on it, entirely off it, or with just the front feet on it.  

Bring in Natural Light

Use natural light to your advantage. If your windows face south, for example, you’ll get plenty of direct light throughout the day, so you might want to have a window treatment that blocks it, such as shutters like Heritance® Wood Shutters from Hunter Douglas. Or you might choose something that will help beautifully diffuse light, such as Silhouette® Window Shadings. Remember that professionals build layers of lighting to create interest, intrigue, and variety. 

Room Makeovers in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area 

Blinds & Designs offers a full line of quality window treatments to homeowners and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County areas, including Burlingame, Hillsborough, Atherton, and Los Altos. With an ongoing commitment to high quality products and exceptional service, we’ve been serving our communities for over 26 years.

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