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Exterior shades are an attractive and energy-efficient solution to reduce cooling costs inside your home in areas that receive significant amount of direct sunlight. Many people also enjoy exterior solar shades on patios, decks, and sun rooms. Breathable solar screen fabric allows air to flow through windows while blocking damaging UV rays. Exterior shades are the perfect solution for blocking the heat and glare while maintaining the view.

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Solar Shades

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Indoor Solar Shades

Indoor solar shades keep the heat and glare out, but still leave you with a view outside. They also have an open-weave reflective fabric which allows the light the filter through.  You can see outside, but those outside can’t see in.  At night it is reversed. Solar shades also reduce the about of incoming heat which makes them energy efficient.

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Outdoor Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades prevent the suns rays from shining directly on the window and increasing the temperature inside. Exterior solar shades provide the best cove rage for a south-facing windows or exterior space. Like indoor solar shades, you still have a view to the outside, while providing privacy from the exterior view.

Motorization Solutions

Outdoor sun shades can be operated with a continuous cord loop system or one of our many motorization options. The convenience of motorization allows you to easily create a comfortable environment. Advanced automation systems can lower the shades at specific times of the day when the sun is brightest.

Exterior shades come in a variety of openness grades that allow you to select the amount of light and visibility through the shade. Select from a range of colors to complement the exterior of your home. Our exterior shade collection uses high-quality materials that are custom-formed for your specific needs.

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We offer two window covering showrooms to serve you in San Francisco and Belvedere-Tiburon. With respect to your safety, showroom and in-home consultations will be by appointment only.

We service residential and commercial businesses not only in San Francisco and Belvedere-Tiburon, but also in Hillsborough, Atherton, Pacifica, Berkeley, Millbrae, Napa, Sonoma, Corte Madera, CA and surrounding areas.