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At Blinds & Designs we like to keep our customers up-to-date on current trends such as colors, designs and new window treatment options for your home or office. Please enjoy the home decor blogs and check back often to see what is new and exciting in the world design. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Designer Roller Shades

Minimalist Style 

In interior design, you can find lots of different styles, from classic to contemporary to modern and more. And at Blinds & Designs serving Marin County and the greater Bay Area in San Francisco, we have window treatments that can complement them all, even if your aesthetic is minimalist. Not sure what that is? Read…
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Parkland® Wood Blinds - Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds

About Faux Wood Blinds

Lots of customers who work with us at Blinds & Designs serving Marin County feel that genuine wood is superior to faux wood. And we understand their position—after all, it’s real and authentic and looks fantastic. That said, we’re here to tell you that genuine wood’s faux cousin actually has a lot of attributes that…
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Applause® Honeycomb Shades in the Kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

At Blinds & Designs serving Marin County, many of our customers leave kitchen window treatments for last because they aren’t sure what will work best in that room. After all, the kitchen serves many roles—not the least of which are cooking and entertaining. It’s important to get the look just right! Luckily we have a…
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Design Studio™ Roman Shades

Decorating in the Classic Style

We recently posted about modern and contemporary styles for decorating; this post is dedicated to the classic style. If you’re trying for a cohesive look in your home and want to follow a specific style, we have some ideas below. Be sure to contact a Blinds & Designs consultant for more regarding your specific situation. 
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