Ten Helpful Tips to Remodeling

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Homes should be like snowflakes, no two should be the same. To personalize your home, you need to remodel. Whether it’s one room or the entire house, remodeling can be time-consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Blinds and Designs in San Francisco, we understand how important remodeling your home is to you. From window treatments to interior design, we’re committed to your 100% satisfaction and will make your dream home a reality by collaboratively working with you and your contractor.

The guidelines below will help ensure you have a successful experience.

  1. Follow trends wisely. While you want the design of your home remodel to be unique and fashionable, you also don’t want to find yourself re-doing it all a few years from now.
  2. Set the Mood with Window Treatments. Controlling the amount of natural light complements your style and sets the mood of your home. New window treatments are a great place to start your remodeling project.
  3. Customize your Finishing Touches. From custom fabric elements to simple accents, the finishing touches you choose for your remodeling project are almost as important as the structural design.
  4. Ask for Help. Hire a professional to measure and install your new flooring, window treatments, counters, and other items where precision is absolutely critical.
  5. Protect your Budget. We all know that Murphy’s Law can put a wrinkle in even the best remodeling plans, so be sure you and your contractor build in a 20% budget contingency just in case you need it.
  6. Choose contractors who care. When you choose a contractor for your remodeling project, look for one who listens to you and will make your project a top priority.
  7. Buy quality products. Everyone wants to save money, but be sure you buy quality products from established manufacturers.
  8. See the big picture. Look at the big picture first and then work into the details. This will ensure your remodeling project turns out exactly the way you want it.
  9. Understand the fine print. Many materials — such as window treatments and flooring — will come with a warranty. Make sure you understand what’s covered, what’s not, and where to go if you need help in the future.
  10. Prioritize. Not defining a tight enough scope of work is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make in their remodeling project. Homeowners lose focus on their original intentions when their scope of work is too broad. Prioritize and stage your remodel project to make sure it is successful.

Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project in San Francisco and Marin County

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