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PowerView Motorization

With the holidays coming up, many people are making plans to see family or just get some away time. If you’ve got upcoming travel plans, be sure you don’t leave your home unprotected. At Blinds & Designs serving Marin County, we have a few tips for how to secure your home while you’re away, which can help reduce part of the stress of travel. Check them out below! 

Keep It Safe 

After planning your destination and itinerary, purchasing your tickets, and making lodging reservations, you’re ready to head out for the holidays. But first, be sure to secure your home. If you don’t have a home alarm system, you have some other options when it comes to securing your home.

  • Lock Up. Obviously, lock all external doors, and on top of that, be sure that your windows are all firmly latched. If you have a garage door opener, you might disconnect it while you’re gone.
  • Hold Off on Announcing Your Plans. While social media is a fun way to connect with others and share news, it also can be a place where nefarious folk glean information. So when it comes to vacations away from home, it’s best to keep mum ahead of your departure and while you’re away. The less information about your trip out there, the better, because then fewer folk will know that your house is sitting empty.
  • Get Some Help. If you’ve got good neighbors or a friend willing to help, ask them to keep tabs on your place while you’re gone. Ideally, they’ll be able to check in at least every couple of days. Plan for your mail by either getting a post office hold or asking that friend to collect it daily so that mailbox skimmers can’t grab it. 

Use Your Windows

Did you know that adding PowerView® Automation on window fashions can give you a great deal of security? It’s true! PowerView can operate based on a set schedule, whether you’re in the house or not. And if you forget to input a schedule before you leave, you can use your smartphone to open and close your window treatments remotely. To casual observers, it will seem like someone is still in the house, even if you’re gone. 

Protect Your Home in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area CA

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