Choosing Between Curtains and Drapes

Custom Drapery Panels
Custom Drapery Panels

At Blinds & Designs serving the Marin County, many of our customers use the terms “curtains” and “drapes” interchangeably. However, there are differences between the two window fashions. Below, we outline the main differences so that, if you’re thinking about these types of treatments, you can get an idea about which might work for you. 

Telling Them Apart

Both drapes and curtains are made with fabric; however, they have many differences. Each style works well for certain functionalities, so consider your needs as you examine these treatment types. Here are the differences: 

  • If we were to choose one main differentiator, it would certainly be fabric—both the type and the length. Drapes usually are made in thicker fabrics and are frequently lined to block glare and add insulation at the window. The thicker fabrics tend to make them appear more formal. On the flip side, you’ll usually find curtains in sheer fabrics, which tend to let more light into the room and lend to a more casual vibe. In terms of cut, drapes are usually cut floor length or longer (so they puddle beneath the window), and curtains are usually cut at the windowsill or slightly below. Because they’re more formal and longer, drapes are better for living and bedrooms, while shorter and more casual curtains do well in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. 
  • Drapes and curtains offer different functionalities. Drapes are superstars with privacy and light control, and their heavier and longer fabric blocks light and absorbs sound. Curtains are lighter—both in weight and in how they work with the sun—and therefore don’t have as much privacy control. Installation might differ for the two types; while both can hang on a rod, curtains, with their lighter fabric, can hang on a tension rod, but drapery can’t. 
  • Cleaning is the final difference. If you have drapes, you’ll need to get them professionally cleaned, which means a bit more effort than curtains. Conversely, many types of curtains are machine-washable on a gentle cycle in cool water. No matter your choice, curtains or drapes, the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ offers a wide array of fabrics and hardware to create your unique look at your window. Be sure to speak with a consultant to see the options today.  

Curtains Vs. Drapes in Marin County 

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