Bring Home Hygge With Custom Woven Shades

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades in the Living Room
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades in the Living Room

Although Denmark has a very different winter than we do here in the San Francisco area, now is a great time for many of us to try to bring the Danish practice of hygge home. At Blinds & Designs, we’re happy to offer ideas on how to create the ambience of hygge in your home. Read on to learn more! 

Slow the Pace 

Hygge encourages people to slow down and feel connected to the world and those around them. It’s about work-life balance, being present in the moment, developing better relationships, and letting do of digital distractions. Although it started as a lifestyle change in Denmark, it has shifted to also encompass a home’s ambience and décor. Below are some tips for how you can bring the sense of hygge to your home. You might notice that “hygge” (pronounced “hyoo-guh”) sounds a little like our word “hug”—and it should; they come from the same root. So putting hygge into practice is a lot like experiencing a hug. It’s not so much about checking off boxes to “get it right” but rather about doing the things that are most comfortable to you. 

  • Create connection. Being close to other people can help bring the best out of you. Entertain a small group of friends, but do it simply: go with the minimum and focus on being together. Play board games that are interactive, and do things that bring up a sense of nostalgia. 
  • Create ambience. Use candles for warmth and ambience—their soft glow is calming and restorative, and they can make you feel like you’re beside a cozy fireplace. Add textures to your room, like throw blankets and textured pillows for a tactile appearance and feel. And bring the outdoors in with decorative natural elements like a wreath made of dried stems. 
  • Create a space. To slow down and take care of yourself, honor the things that can help you relax, like reading a book, knitting, or doing puzzles. Have a comfy place to sit and the right lighting for the activity. If you happen to have a bay window, you can put it to work for your nook, by adding plush pillows and the right window fashions to feel ensconced. For example, consider Provenance® Woven Wood Shades give a sense of the great outdoors while creating an effect of melding the windows together. No matter what, it’s all about the comfort—that’s where you’ll achieve hygge. For more ideas, be sure to speak with one of our representatives today! 

Bringing Hygge Home in Marin County , San Francisco Bay Area CA

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