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Why Mecho Shades?

We have all been in the situation where we’re trying to get work done and are annoyed by the glare on our computer screen. Or, we’re trying to relax on a weekend and can’t watch a TV show because of the sun reflecting off of it. Or, on a cold winter day, you may come into your office and that little bit of sun peeking throughout the window is making it uncomfortably hot.

Today’s standard window glazing alone does not adequately protect people inside a building from solar heat gain or glare. Luckily, we have products such as the MechoSystems roller shading systems that really allows you to control how the sun affects your life inside your home or business. MechoShade cloths are woven in densities from blackout to 18% open to preserve your view and allow in natural light while lessening heat gain and reducing harmful UV rays. These high tech shade cloths are available in over 200 weaves, colors and patterns.

MechoShade manual roller screens Chain-driven MechoShade manual roller screens are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room-darkening system available. MechoSystems’ patented bracket design has an overrunning clutch, self-lubricating components, and a larger diameter sprocket, providing 67% more lift capacity. Mecho/5 increases the shade size range that a manual drive system can lift before motorization is required. Mecho requires no adjustment, resulting in faster, easier installation.
SlimLine is MechoSystems’ compact heavy-duty bracket systemSlimLine is MechoSystems’ compact heavy-duty bracket system designed for small shades in narrow spaces, using the Mecho®/3 operating system.
Suburban/2The Suburban/2 was developed in response to the need for a well-designed, high quality, moderately priced roller shade for commercial or residential shades. The Suburban/2’s clean lines, care-free maintenance and high quality components are backed by a Ten-Year Limited Warranty that makes it a great value for a limited budgets and/or a tight space requiring a small profile.

Since 1972, MechoSystems has made a substantial investment in developing motor controls, switches, and accessories adding a high degree of functionality. MechoSystems has developed a variety of systems and solutions which can interface with all lighting, A/V, and building management control systems. The options vary from simple switches to the most sophisticated, user friendly software-based systems. An example of this is the WhisperShade IQ2 EDU, the most advanced motorized-shading solution on the market.

Key features of this motor include:

  • Two-way communication.
  • Built-in network and dry-contact control.
  • Cost-effective, daisy-chained wiring.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Repeatable, pinpoint shade positioning.
  • 104 alignment points and 32 custom presets over MechoNet.
  • Five alignment points and three custom presets via dry contact.
  • Addressability (up to eight levels) to support virtually any group-control scenario.
  • Remote configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Specialized operating modes for uniform shade alignment, automation override, blind control, and more.
  • Convenient 3rd-party integration.

MechoShades in San Francisco, Marin County

Blinds & Designs has been serving the San Francisco Bay and Marin County areas for more than 15 years, with an ongoing commitment to high quality products, expert installation and state-of-the-art automation technology.  Stop by our showrooms in San Francisco or Tiburon to see a variety of motorization displays in our showroom or call call 415-921-4212 Ext 101 for more information.

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