Why Choose Solar Shades

Solar shades are a trend that is becoming more popular each year and the solar shade allows you to see through while blocking out glare and harmful UV rays at the same time. This makes solar shades perfect for living areas and kitchens where natural light is welcomed but needs to be controlled from disturbing the view.When it comes to Solar shades there is one brand that stands apart from the rest, Mecho Shade.  When Mechoshade was created it was used primarily for a commercial application for energy conservation, though its architectural luster and the advent of the Green movement has Mechoshades popularity landing itself into peoples homes everywhere. 

When picking a Mecho shade or any type of Solar shade the first thing you want to consider is how much control you want over the sunlight. Every solar shade is going to provide some sort of protection, though the higher the openness of the shade , the less privacy you will get. An example of this would be a kitchen, not a room typically needed for privacy, though a room that gets a lot of glare and heat. A good choice of shade for this application would be a shade with 10%-15%  openness factor that way you are decreasing UV and getting to keep the view as well. When in need of privacy, the low profile offered in the roller shade allows for another window covering application such as drapes to help achieve your needs. The next phase of picking your solar shade is the color, the color can influence the incoming light. Lighter colors that are on the inside of the shade will allow more light to be reflected around the room, this will let in the incoming light and maintain the atmosphere of your home. Natural weaves can also provide a lighter feel to the home or office as well. Darker colored solar shades such as brown or black will still allow for allowance of light while providing protection, however it will slightly darken the room.

If you’re ready to take a stand against harmful UV rays and transform your home or office into a more energy efficient space, give Blinds & Designs a call and set up your FREE home consultation.

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