Deciding Between DIY and Calling a Pro 

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Owning a home means there’s always something to fix or upgrade, and having a budget frequently makes people try to do as much as possible on their own. However, certain projects might be better left to professionals. At Blinds & Designs serving greater Marin County and San Francisco, while we definitely understand the inclination toward DIY, we also know there are times to have a skilled tradesperson handle things. Before you start knocking down walls or tearing out pipes, check out our tips for how to decide when it’s OK to DIY.  

Decide If It’s Safe 

Many projects might be on the dangerous side, especially if electricity or precarious situations are involved. Before trying to fix the roof or installing that new fuse box, think about if you could get injured doing the work. If the answer is yes, it’s time to call a pro.

Determine Your Level of Skill

Many small home projects are easy to tackle, but some of the more complex projects call for expertise and skill. If you haven’t had experience doing things like cutting tile or working on HVAC systems or if you aren’t prepared to make lots of mistakes by learning as you go, you should probably call a pro. Also as a general rule, you should probably contract with a licensed professional if you’re looking to fix anything involving electricity, water, or heat sources.

Think About the Time Commitment 

Even if you’re saving a lot of money by doing a project yourself, you’re probably still spending a lot of time. If you don’t want to lose your evenings, weekends, and any other spare moment outside of your regular job—and if you want the job done sooner than later—hiring someone else for the project could be in your best interest.

Professional Window Treatment Installation 

Off-the-shelf window treatments from a local home goods store can be tempting, and can sometimes be a good short-term solution. However, you’ll be missing the customization you can get with professional services, and you’ll be getting a cookie-cutter treatment vs. one cut exactly for your window and you might end up pretty unhappy with it down the road. With professional installation from Blinds & Designs, you’ll get exact fit and measurement to manage windows that aren’t perfectly square, a professional’s keen eye for mounting depth and how hardware and even furniture placement can impact the treatment, and a product in your window that will do the best possible for light and UV ray control. As you might guess, anything less than a perfect fit means less than perfect performance and look. So don’t hesitate to spend a little extra money on the professionals—it will be money well spent.

Professionally Installed Window Treatments in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area CA 

Blinds & Designs offers a full line of quality window treatments to homeowners and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County areas, including Burlingame, Hillsborough, Atherton, and Los Altos. With an ongoing commitment to high quality products and exceptional service, we’ve been serving our communities for over 26 years.

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