This Year’s Interior Design Trends

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels
Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Interior designers are watching some trends this year that definitely reflect on where we’ve been in the past year. At Blind & Designs serving Marin County, we’re also watching these trends, so we can help our customers who want to understand them and perhaps tap in to them in their own homes. If you’re wanting to see how the trends might work for your particular situation, please contact one of our consultants for more information.

Home Use Has Changed

Over the past year, many people have been stuck in their homes for long stretches, working, going to classes, and just living. Home is no longer just for after work or after school; it’s for all the time. And people are now interacting with each other and the space itself differently, so interior design has shifted to reflect that, from the way we light our homes to the way we divide the space. See below for some of the ways design reflects our new way of life.

Personal Areas

When a home now includes an entire family trying to go to school or work, the kitchen table isn’t big enough or allow for enough divide for everyone. Instead, many families have tried to create distinct zones for each person. Bay windows make great nooks for kids—to partition it off, simply add external curtains or another hanging to create a small room. Or use vertical solutions like Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, which can hang anywhere in a room to create a clear demarcation when needed and can be retracted when the room needs to be fully open.


Being inside all day—especially without clear changes to a schedule—can disrupt a body’s natural sense of time. A way to combat that is to ensure that natural lighting plays a key role in regulating the day. PowerView® Motorization can come in handy for this. With it, you can program your window treatments to open and close based on local sunrise and sunset times or your daily activities. That way, your family’s bodies and minds can reacclimate to natural day and night rhythms.

Cleanable Textiles and Materials

Even before the pandemic, many people had started using antibacterial and easy-clean materials in their homes. This past year multiplied that. Washable floor coverings are now quite popular. So are naturally antibacterial materials, including natural fibers such as bamboo and oak, which actually prevents bacteria from growing. You can get these natural materials in your Hunter Douglas window fashions—one great option is the Provenance® Woven Wood Shade. Be sure to talk with one of our representatives for more ideas on natural fibers for your home!

Interior Design Trends in Marin County

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